The Sampire


All inclusive Sampire suit designed to get you into the game quickly. Unisex, and works for both humans and elves.  Includes all artifacts in the price. Maximum Damage Increase on suit, 25% Swing Speed Increase with town buff, enough strength and dex bonus to get you to 150 without potions, Excellent for spawning, doom, and Peerless. 


3 Mana Regeneration 
5 Hit Point Regeneration 
2 Stamina Regeneration 
32 Mana Increase 
36 Stamina Increase 
23 Hit Point Increase 
49% Lower Mana Cost 
100% Damage Increase 
20% Swing Speed Increase (25% With Town Buff)
45% Hit Chance Increase 
20% Defense Chance Increase 
28 Strength Bonus 
5 Intelligence Bonus
25 Dexterity Bonus 
5% Damage Eater 
15% Poison Eater

Suggested Stats WIth Suit Equipped 
150 Strength, 150 Dexterity, 15 Intelligence 
147 HP, 186 Stamina, 47 Mana Human (67 Elf Suggested) 

Artifacts Included 
Ozymandias Obi 
Jumus Sacred HIde 
Mace and Shield Glasses 
Shanty Waders 
Totem of the Tribe 
Shroud of the Condemned

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